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Gill Higginson

Questions, questions and yet more questions

Posted by Gill Higginson

(We call it customer profiling)

When you contact Aragon you may find that you are asked a number of questions about you and your family.  Recently we have been asking questions that might be considered quite personal – things such as -

  • Who lives with you in your home
  • Whether you and your partner are either looking for work, in part time work, in full time work or are retired
  • Whether or not you have a bank account
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Whether or not you have access to the internet 


We already have a lot of data about most of our tenants – which helps us to provide a good service – e.g. if we know that a tenant is slightly deaf – there will be a note on our system for our staff, including our repairs team, which says ‘KNOCK ON DOOR LOUDLY’.

The reason why we are currently asking the 5 questions above, is the introduction of Universal Credit which will replace a number of well known benefits including Housing Benefit (which is for your rent). In Milton Keynes Universal Credit is to be introduced in September this year and in Central Bedfordshire in December. It is for people who are not working and for people who are working but are on incomes that need topping up by benefits so that they are able to pay for all their essentials. 

The Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) will need a lot of information in order to make UC payments to our tenants.  Having this ‘Customer Profiling Data’ will enable us to help tenants to deal with the process of applying for and receiving the payments that they are entitled to.

The questions are quite personal but hopefully you can see that they are being asked for all the right reasons. Of course rather than waiting to hear from us or until you have cause to contact us such as a repair request, you may wish to contact us at a time and date that suits you – please simply contact our Customer Services Team on telephone number 0300 123 5544 and tell the person you speak to that you want them to update your Customer Profiling records.

Either way we look forward to talking to you.

As Universal Credit will be a monthly payment received more than a month after application, we would strongly encourage you (if you think you will be on Universal Credit when it is introduced or at some point in the future) to start making an additional payment with your weekly rent. If you can start doing this now you will gradually bring your rent account into credit which will really help. If you need some guidance on this please contact your Housing Officer on the number above. 

Another issue with UC is that you have to apply for it on line.  In response to this – as well as a range of training initiatives for tenants put on by our Community Development Team – we now have a Digital Inclusion Officer, Amie Towler, who will ensure that we are helping our tenants to learn how to get on line. If you think you would benefit from some help improving your skills and making the most out of the internet please contact  us on 0300 123 5544.

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