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Gill Higginson

Nothing going on but the rent!

Posted by Gill Higginson

A few things to think about and prepare for –

*Universal Credit is here.  If you are of working age and receive welfare benefits now – or will need them in the future – you will be on UNIVERSAL CREDIT.  Universal Credit will be paid to people who aren’t working and to those that are working but don’t earn enough to pay for their essentials.  

It just been introduced in the Bedford area for single people making new benefit claims and Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes will follow.

The Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) will pay Universal Credit MONTHLY– which means budgeting for the whole month.  The payment will include money for your rent which you must pay to us (currently tenants on housing benefit can choose to have it paid directly to us by the housing benefit department BUT THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE UNDER Universal Credit).  

Applications for Universal Credit will have to be made on line – so please contact me if you think you will need some help with this.

Because we need to prepare for Universal Credit – we may need to ask you some questions when you next phone us – they will be about family, job, bank account – and it would be useful to have your National Insurance number if we don’t have it already.  We only want this information in order to help you with Universal Credit as it really is going to be a massive change. 

*The Aragon ‘no rent payment’ weeks are the weeks beginning 6th April and 13th April – unless you are in rent arrears in which case you must make payments on these weeks in order to catch up.

* & please make sure you pay the new amount from April – see your rent increase notice which you will have received at the end of February.

Gill Higginson

Group Head of Housing Management (Aragon Housing Association & South Northants Homes)

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