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Rent rises

Every year your rent rises have been calculated in line with a formula set by the Government. It is a formula widely used by housing associations up and down the country.

From this year rent increases are based on last September's Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 1%. This is the formula that the Government has said we must use for the next 10 years. It means the rent rise for this coming year is 2.2% for our existing tenants.

We do understand that the increase will be difficult for many of our tenants so our Money Advisers are working hard to help as many people as possible who need extra support.

There is more information about your rent here. 

Our rents are still lower than the private sector and lower than most other housing association rents in this area.

If you’re concerned about the increase please contact our Customers Services Team who may be offer some help or advice.

Money Advice leaflet
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