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MP visits green bungalow

Alistair Burt sees energy savings first hand

MP Alistair Burt has dropped in on residents of an award-winning energy-saving bungalow owned by Aragon Housing Association, to see how their state of the art ‘green’ home has halved their energy bills. 

The MP for north east Bedfordshire met Shaun and Patricia Freeman, Aragon’s tenants, who live in the bungalow in Wrestlingworth, Beds, to view their bungalow which had been fitted with a range of renewable technologies as part of a major experiment in domestic energy.  

Mr Burt said: “I have been very impressed by the project. It seems to have been an excellent collaboration between all the partners. To achieve these results needs the best balance between everyone and it will be interesting to see what the Government can learn from all the data which is being collected.” 

Bob Hopkins, Aragon’s Assistant Director of Property, said: “We are delighted Alistair Burt has taken such an interest in learning about the project. He now has a good understanding of the difficulties that could arise unless the Government thinks through the long term consequences of not allowing social landlords to benefit from green energy tariffs or green energy funding. 

“As a housing association we are putting energy-saving and cost-saving high on the agenda for our customers and this project has taught us much about what could be done. “ 

The bungalow, winner of a Local Authority Building Control award and  shortlisted for the UK Sustainable Housing Awards, was fitted not only with solar power and solar heating, but also uses space shuttle insulation and a state of the art heat ventilation system. 

It was refurbished by Aragon as part of a Government initiative with partners from SDC Construction, Bedford College, Cambridge and Loughborough Universities and Ecodesign Consultants. 

Data gathered at the bungalow is being monitored over two years to work out how successful various new technologies and renewables are in reducing the carbon footprint and energy bills for domestic consumers. 

Tenant Shaun Freeman has seen his electricity bill fall from £750 last year to £350 this year as a result of the improved technology in his home.

He said: “We used to be in fuel poverty but now we are have reduced our bills by more than half. It has worked even better than we could have imagined.  This has to be the way forward for homes.”



Alistair Burt MP visits ecohome
Tenant Shaun Freeman shows Alistair Burt MP his ecohome data
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