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Putting customers first

At Aragon we want to deliver excellent services that exceed our customers’ expectations. We put our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

We have set up a specially trained Customer Services Team who can deal with most of your enquiries in a 'one stop shop.' In fact they aim to be able to deal with 80% of your queries at the first call.

They can help you diagnose repairs you might need, book our contractors or staff to come and have a look at your home or simply point you in the direction of someone who can give you more help on all Aragon's different services.

Very often you can find the answer to your query on this website - perhaps by reading one of our leaflets or report a repair online. You might even want to make use of the My Place Portal.

You can contact our Customer Services Team on the phone or email, whichever you prefer. Ring 0300 123 5544.

As a result of our Customer First project, we established our Customer Care Standards. These standards set out what our customers can expect when they contact us. We also have a Customer Feedback leaflet, which allows customers to let us know what they think of our service.

Customer Care Standards
Customer feedback leaflet cover
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