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Retirement housing

Traditionally, retirement housing has been seen as no more than blocks of flats or groups of houses with a warden providing support to residents regardless of what the individual wants or needs.

At Aragon Housing Association, we aim to do more than this. We believe that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to providing services is unpopular and outdated.

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Our vision is to provide choice to our residents through a needs-led service that delivers support, tailored to the individual. We aim to work flexibly to meet the changing circumstances of our residents.

Our retirement housing department is divided into teams, each covering an area within Central Bedfordshire and managed by a team leader. Residents receive support from a dedicated staff member within the allocated team, with cover provided for absence where necessary.

Retirement services are provided across different types of accommodation such as:

  • flats in a block, known as sheltered or retirement schemes
  • flats where care can be provided on site, known as extra care
  • groups of bungalows in the wider community.

A 24 hour alarm service is available for all of these properties.

Who can apply? 

You can apply for retirement housing if you are aged 60 or over.

If you are a couple, only one of you needs to be aged 60 or over in order to apply. We will also accept applications from people under 60 with a disability, and for bungalow accommodation if you are aged 50 or over.

We will accept applications for retirement housing regardless of whether you rent or own your current home. Your financial circumstances will be taken into account along with your reasons for wanting to move.

How to apply?

For most of our schemes you are required to apply through Central Bedfordshire Council. For further details please view the following details to direct you.

- Quince Court

Staunton House

- Flowers House

If you would like to apply to any of the 3 schemes above, which are not part of the Central Bedfordshire Council application process, please contact Customer Services and ask to speak to one of our Retirement Team who will be able to help.


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