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Social housing 

What is social housing

Properties owned and managed by councils, housing associations, housing trusts and charities. Rents are lower than those in the private sector and offer more security. 

We give all our new tenants a starter tenancy, which offers a higher level of support to make sure the tenancy starts well.  This usually lasts for 12 months and will convert to either a 5 year fixed term tenancy or an assured tenancy at the end of the period, if you have conducted your tenancy satisfactorily.


I want to live in Bedfordshire, how do I apply?

Aragon Housing Association works in partnership with the three councils in Bedfordshire ( Bedford  Central Bedfordshire  and  Luton ) and  bpha , who advertise available properties through the  Bedfordshire Homefinder  choice based lettings scheme.


To view our properties and others in the Bedfordshire area you will need a login to the choice based lettings website. These details will be provided to you once you have completed a Housing application as follows:

Central Bedfordshire

Please apply online on the Central Bedfordshire Council website. If you have any queries please contact Central Bedfordshire Council directly. 

Bedford Borough

Please complete the online Bedfordshire My Home Options application form

Luton Borough

Please visit the Luton Borough Council website for more information as to their housing application process.

Please be aware that registering an application does not guarantee re-housing.

Aragon Housing Association has properties outside Bedfordshire, how do I apply for them?

We have a small number of social housing properties in  Milton Keynes and  Rushden. You need to talk to the local authority for those areas about applying for them.
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