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Residents' associations

Aragon Housing Association encourages new and existing community led residents' associations to enhance their local community. Aragon will support and encourage the running of these groups, whether they be run by Aragon tenants, private owners or customers of other housing associations.

Here are the list of Constituted Resident Associations that are supported  by Aragon 

The Rainbow Group – Katherine Gardens/Gloucester Court, Ampthill

 The Sunshine Group – Manor Court, Marston

 Northfields Friends & Neighbours – Northfields, Biggleswade

 Stonecroft R A – Stonecroft, Sandy,

 Hutton Court R A – Hutton Court, Woburn Sands

 Copelands R A – Copelands, Biggleswade

 Beverley Court R A - Beverley Court, Clophill.

 The Gardens R A  – The Gardens, Henlow

 Quince Court Comfort Funds – Quince Court, Sandy

 Orchard House R A – Orchard House, Harlington

 Elizabeth House R A – The Avenue, Langford

 Jakes Court R A , Potton

Drakeloe & Eleanor Close R A - Woburn Sands

 Forresters Close R A - Haynes  

 Clifton R A - representing the whole village of Clifton

 If you or someone in your local community are interested in starting a resident association with support  from Aragon, please contact the Aragon Resident Involvement Team on 01525 844511.

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