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Lets Talk Together / Community Safety Forums  


 Let’s Talk Together meetings

Let’s Talk Together meetings initiated by  Central Bedfordshire Council give members of the community and local groups the opportunity to meet and talk  with Councillors, and representatives from key organisations such as police, housing, health, education, community safety, environment, business and volunteering.

They are an opportunity for people in the community to work together to make both Central Bedfordshire and our local communities a really great place to live and work by agreeing the policing and community safety priorities for your area, building on and incorporating the already successful Community Safety Forums.

Market stalls

This is where members of the public can discuss their issues with relevant representatives from the key organisations.  ROAR members attend the meetings to respresent Aragon, network and share their experience of resident involvement.

This is a more formalised part of the meeting, and it is chaired by an elected Member of Central Bedfordshire Council.  The Chair will sum up the key issues raised at the market stalls.

This part of the meeting is where you can join in with the wider discussion on local issues, solutions and help decide on the community safety priorities to be tackled

Community Safety Forums 

The forums work in much the same way as the Lets Talk meetings.The focus tends to be more about problem solving community issues that may be about levels of anti social behaviour or crime in the area.

Central Beds Council will be publish dates and times on their website as an when a forum or meeting is going to take place.

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