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Residents of Aragon Roadshow(ROAR) - intergenerational

Meet our fantastic ROAR team !!!!

The ROAR team is a dedicated group of residents who attend local events, spreading the word about how customers can get involved with Aragon Housing Association.  

Their aims are:

  • to promote the concept of resident involvement with Aragon at various events held across the county

  • to work on a sustainable project for the next few years, develop new ideas and cultivate new members from Aragon and the broader community

  • to work with the Air Aragon Youth Consultants and other youth groups to promote inter-generational ideas

  • to demonstrate a respectful approach, promoting Aragon's good name in accordance with the RESPECT action plan

  • to work together with local authorities, members of other resident and community groups, local businesses and voluntary organisations, to promote community spirit and safer neighbourhoods.


What residents say about Roar? 


"Being part of ROAR has given me a purpose and a goal, iam really grateful to be part of a fantastic caring team."

Chris Mountcastle


I really enjoy taking part in ROAR days. At first I wasn’t sure whether it was right for me because I have always found it hard to speak with people. I have found it hard to socialise throughout my life due to my upbringing.

I feel I have more confidence in myself and have been talking to the children and parents with much more confidence. I feel part of a team.”

Daphne Gates


I like being part of ROAR and the community of Aragon. Taking part in the fun days and galas that we do in the towns and villages is certainly a great way of reaching out to more people.

I believe our presence has a bigger impact PR wise than anything printed in the paper or magazines especially as we get out there in the heart of the community and promote ourselves and what Aragon has to offer”.

Den Fensome


Being part of Aragon ROAR group has given me back my life; it has helped me to become more confident. ROAR is made up of a great group of people who are so much fun.

We have built a reputation in some areas where we are now invited back to attend. We are not selling something, just being informative which often makes our stand quite popular amongst young and older people.

The games we have encourage inter-generational movement between young and older people. “

Linda Harrison


If you are interested in joining ROAR or would just like to know what they will be doing next please contact Nicola King on 01525 844513.




Handing out bags at the gala
Members of ROAR displaying at Haynes 100
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