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Ampthill gala

Ampthill gala in July 2011 was a busy day for the staff and six ROAR members.

Children, young people and adults took part in the ladder game, football penalty shoot-out, coconut shy and splat-the-rat to win small prizes and goody bags filled with information about Aragon Housing Association (Aragon).

There were many visitors to the Aragon ROAR stand where they members handed out information on:

  • joining the housing register

  • newly built houses

  • Telecare

  • Dimensions summer youth activity programme.

Comments from the public:

"It's great to see you guys out here doing a good job."

"You don't see many housing associations or councils attending these events - perhaps they should."

"WowI didn't realise Aragon did so many things in the community."



ROAR team at the Ampthill Gala
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