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Universal Credit

Universal Credit

We have been telling you about Universal Credit forever but it's finally here for single people making a new claim in the Bedford Borough. This will be a very big change for our tenants who match this criteria and have to make new claims, as in many cases they will be having to get used to changing the way that they manage their money and finances.

The main changes will be:-

  • Your Housing Benefit will be paid directly to you as part of your universal credit. It will not be paid directly to Aragon and will be part of the monthly sum of money you receive so it will be your responsibility to pay the correct rent.
  • Application will have to be made online
  • You will no longer get weekly benefit payments as they will be paid monthly so you will need to budget your money more.
  • You will need to have a CV and be registered on Universal Job Match
  • You will need to have a bank account (not a post office account)

How can Aragon help?

We can help you by:-

  • Giving you more advice about Welfare Benefits and whether you are entitled to any other benefit
  • Help you set up a direct debit to pay your rent
  • Help you sort out a budget
  • Help you with Debt and Money advice
  • Help you get a CV sorted and register for Universal Jobmatch
  • Help you get a jam jar account from the Credit Union by paying the first year of fees and the joining fee

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