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What is the Free Benefits and Money Advice Service?

Aragon Housing Association has identified a need to assist both new and existing customers who find themselves in financial difficulties, or who are not receiving all of the benefits that they may be entitled to.

This free service aims to assist customers with the successful management of their income and outgoings. It will also help customers to maximise their benefit entitlements.

There are a number of ways in which the service can help.

These can include:

  • debt advice
  • money management
  • benefits/welfare advice
  • tenancy agreements (financial)
  • practical assistance e. g. form completion.


Who can benefit from this free service?

The service can assist new and existing customers living in Aragon accommodation, and is accessible to all customers who are in need of support to help them keep within the terms and conditions of their tenancy.

If you're interested in more information about how to live on a budget there's another website which may be able to offer you some tips. Take a look at the Frugal Family website.


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