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What our customers say about us

The Benefit and Money Advice Team has helped hundreds of people. Here are some of the things people have said about our service:

"Are you in debt? Do you see no way out of the mess? Are you ashamed to admit you are in financial difficulties? Then stop and read this.. I was in debt and suicidal, thought I had no-one to turn to but I was so wrong. I was introduced to Michele Collins at Aragon Housing Association who showed me how to turn everything around and make my life worth living again.

I have gone from being a frightened, no hoper to someone with a worthwhile life again. I am now a very Involved Tenant with Aragon who has lots of fun, made lots of new friends and the feeling that I can now help others to see a way forward. Do not be ashamed. Put on a brave face and talk to the Money Advice Team as they really can help. "

Regards L

"A million thanks yous to you and your department for helping me with Natwest and my overdraft. I did seek help from Citizens' Advice Bureau a year ago but ended without a result, so I gave up. A friend recommended me to you because you had helped her daughter, so I thought "what can I lose?"

Thanks to you I have lost a lot - Gone is my overdraft, Gone is the stress and sleepless nights but most important to me Gone is my pain. As I have a stress related illness, stress adds to the pain in my muscles and this last week or so has been a shock to me as to what level that was at, now it has gone. I am now more relaxed much brighter and very, very happy.

A huge thank you too from my family to you and all the staff. Long may you continue to help others as you have helped me, and so quickly."

Yours Sincerely,

"They contact all the people that we owe money to on our behalf and take away the stress as we did not know what to do. They negotiate lower payments to the people we owe money to."


“When I started with Money Advice I could see no way out of my problems and it had taken hold of all aspects of my life making me very ill. They helped me get back on my feet and regain control. I am positive about my future and know that debt does not run my life, I do!

The first day I met the money adviser I couldn’t even offer her a cup of coffee. I had got myself into a lot of debt and was trying to pay off every debt collector who was making threats. I was helped to organise my immediate and non priority debts and now I have a better job, life and am managing my debts. Most of all I can now offer her a cuppa on her visit!”



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