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Aragon Housing Association believes community investment is about building active and sustainable communities based on social justice and mutual respect. The Aragon Community Investment Team supports individuals, groups, communities and organisations on the basis of strong values and commitment.

At the same time we believe resident involvement is really important in building vibrant communities.  Through our community investment work, we aim to build trust and mutual respect with our customers and hope we will encourage more residents to get involved with Aragon.

Community investment doesn't stand alone, but integrates with all aspects of Aragon's activities, which results in:

  • residents having a real, focussed influence over the place they live in

  • more efficient use of resources

  • improved customer/stakeholder involvement in the development of Aragon’s housing services

  • improved customer service

  • ensuring communities are places where people want to live

  • Aragon community representation on wider, decision-making bodies

  • supporting communities to make changes to meet their needs and priorities

  • recognising local people as an asset – providing experience, knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm and effort

  • working together with local people and other key stakeholders to ensure our communities are sustainable

  • tackling issues such as social exclusion, poverty, discrimination, worklessness, crime and fear of crime, equality and diversity.

We will encourage, motivate, support and empower our residents to be involved in all aspects Aragon's work.

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