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Credit Union


What is the Credit Union?

Aragon Housing Association is proud to have been involved in the set up of North Central Bedfordshire Credit Union in 2007, which is part of Bedford Credit Union. This service enables Aragon customers, and other living in Bedfordshire, to borrow and save money without turning to doorstep lenders. The Credit Union is governed by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore offers a safe and secure way to manage your money.

We are particularly encouraging our tenants to set up 'jam jar' accounts to make it easy to budget for rent and other essential payment through the Credit Union, and have a special offer available. 

The Credit Union is always expanding and now has Paypoints and facilities in the following locations:

  • Shefford

  • Biggleswade

  • Sandy

How do I join?

There's a small membership fee to join the Credit Union, however, it's free to join if you're an Aragon resident because we'll pay this fee. For more information about the benefits of being a member, and instructions on how to join, visit the Credit Union website or call them on 01234 346352.

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