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Gas safety frequently asked questions


How do I know when my gas service is due?

If you still have a copy of your last Gas Safety Certificate the next service will be due no more than 12 months following on from the date on the certificate. If you are unable to locate your copy, contact the Customer Services Team who can supply you with a copy and will be able to advise you of when the next service is due. Our gas contractors will contact you before your service expires to arrange an appointment for the safety check and service to be completed.

What should I do if I will not be at home for the appointment allocated to me by the contractor?

Contact Aragon Housign Association's gas contractor Wheldon Contracts and Services Ltd immediately on their Freephone telephone number 0800 177 7003 and they will arrange a new appointment for you on a day and time that is convenient for you. If you do not contact us and we are unable to gain access, we will enter you into our no access procedure, which could result in legal action being taken against you. To avoid such action all we ask is that you allow us access. Our priority is to ensure you are safe in your home.

What equipment is Aragon Housing Association responsible for maintaining?

Aragon Housing Association (Aragon) will carry out safety checks and servicing to all gas fittings and flues provided by the association in your home. We will not service any equipment owned by you such as cookers, hobs or your own fires. However, we will check they are safe for you to use.

What do I do if my gas central heating boiler/gas fire is not working?

You should contact Aragon’s gas contractor, Wheldon Contracts and Services Ltd, on their Freephone telephone number 0800 177 7003 during the normal office working hours, 8:45am to 5:00pm and report the problem. They will discuss this with you and arrange for an engineer to visit your home and an appointment will be offered to you at that point.

If the fault occurs outside of normal office working hours and it is considered by you to be an emergency, you can still telephone their Freephone telephone and speak to the on-call engineer who may attend as an out of hours emergency to make safe.

What happens if the gas safety check fails?

We will rectify the identified fault on the appliance that belongs to us and replace parts where required to ensure that your home is left in a safe condition.

If the fault is on your own appliance, i.e. cooker or own gas fire, we will disconnect the appliance and advise you to seek assistance from a Gas Safe Registered engineer of your choice. It is an offence for us to allow you to use a gas appliance that is deemed unsafe, so the appliance would always be disconnected.

Your gas safety certificate will include details of any faults rectified or parts fitted.

What should I do if I have not seen or received a copy of the gas safety certificate?

We are obliged by law to ensure that you receive a copy of the latest gas safety check. Our gas contractor, Wheldon Contracts and Services Ltd, will provide you with a copy of the certificate once the check has been completed. However, if you have not received this within 20 working days of the work being completed, or are unable to find your copy, please contact the Aragon Customer Services Team and they will ensure one is sent to you.

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