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Although our Regulator no longer requires us to publish information about the number and category of complaints and compliments received, as we like to keep our customers informed as much as we can, we have decided to continue to publish this information on a twice yearly basis, until further notice.

Summary 1.10.15 to 31.3.16 – complaints and compliments received by category

Complaints Compliments
Major refurbishment/improvement 0 1
Repairs 12 3
Contractor 10 9
Allocations/transfers/exchanges 1 0
Environment/parking 2 0
Neighbours 1 0
Staff attitude/behaviour 0 3
Staff decision 5 0
Payments/charges/arrears 1 0
Policies/procedures 1 0
Condition of property at letting 1 0
Miscellaneous 1 1
Total 35 17 


  • complaint numbers have fallen slightly when compared to the previous six months (38) but generally remain low
  • the main area of complaint continues to be repairs related (35%)* but this has reduced from 37% in the previous six month period
  • a total of 19 complaints (54%) were upheld either in full or partially
  • compensation payments were offered in six cases
  • following a complaint that our contactor needed to make several visits to fix the boiler, as each time more parts were needed and had to be ordered, they will now keep more parts in stock to ensure that this doesn’t happen again
  • following a further complaint from a new tenant that our engineer left the site once the heating came on during a safety check, they will now remain on site to ensure that heat is reaching all, and not just some of, the radiators. This will speed up any remedial works should they be necessary
  • the majority of compliments received praised staff and/or our contractors for their help and efficiency in resolving their particular issues or for their excellent customer service, professionalism, helpfulness and understanding
  • one particular compliment came from a tenant who had received a new kitchen. She said that the contractor has worked really hard, was professional and had caused very little disruption to her daily routine. The finished kitchen is ‘absolutely lovely’ and she is ‘chuffed to bits’.


*Please remember that the association and its contractors completed approximately 26000 repair orders or jobs last year so as a percentage of all jobs completed, this equates to approximately 0.09%.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can use the Customer Feedback policy if you have any concerns about the way in which a vulnerable person is being treated? This will ensure that your concerns can be heard and responded to appropriately, and that the person you are concerned about gets any help and support they need to deal with the situation they may be facing.

Please do act if you think there is a problem; all concerns will be handled sensitively and carefully to ensure the vulnerable person has the best possible outcome.

Of course, you can always speak to a member of staff. They can then advise you of the other ways to take your concern forward and/or can help you complete the response form in the Customer Feedback leaflet should you wish to make an official complaint through our internal procedure.

For more information read our Customer Feedback policy and Customer Feedback procedure.

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