We are changing the way we deliver our supported housing service to our retirement tenants. With the loss of ‘Supporting People’ funding (a grant from local authorities that enabled us to provide housing related support) we are in the process of transforming the service to target those residents who need it most.

We are modernising and transforming our service so we can support tenants and the local community to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

To reflect the change of service and embrace our Encourage branding, the titles of staff will change:

  • Home Support Officers will be known as Independent Living Advisors (ILAs)
  • Team leaders will be known as Independent Living Team Leaders
  • Supported Housing Managers will be known as Independent Living Managers
  • Head of Supported Living will be known as Head of Independent Living

We are creating three hubs within Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) and two within South Northants Council (SNC). These will be located at the following schemes:


Beverley Court – Community Alarm and Support Service (CASS) and telecare
Hutton Court


Bridgewater House
Raynsford House

Staff have the ability to work remotely by way of tablet devices, so we will close the remaining offices within schemes and look to convert into quiet rooms for the benefit of tenants and their families and carers.

We will have two specialist roles: a Dementia Project Officer and a Wellbeing Project Officer working closely together to deliver positive outcomes in these areas.

What it means for customers

You will receive a visit or contact from an ILA but, depending on the area, it may be a different member of staff. We have changed some areas for staff in order to make best use of our resources. Ongoing, you will receive visit(s) from the same staff member unless they are absent.

The ILA will not remain on the scheme once the visits have been completed. Telephone numbers for reporting repairs and accessing the alarm centre will be clearly displayed in the reception area of the scheme. There will be a central number to ring if you want to book the guest room – we can only take payment via cheque or over the telephone to our main customer service number, 0300 123 5544.