In order for us to comply with government and insurance legislation, we are currently putting together a procedure regarding communal areas which will apply to all tenants of Grand Union Housing Group who have use of a communal area (for example an entrance, corridor, balcony or garden that is shared with other residents).

In the meantime, please be aware that no items of any description (for example, bicycles, pushchairs, furniture, plants) are permitted to be left or kept in communal hallways or stairwells. Obstructions could cause someone to trip or fall in the event of a fire and prevent their safe escape.

Furthermore, for health and safety reasons no items are permitted to be left unattended in communal garden areas, in particular large play equipment such as swings, slides, paddling pools and trampolines. (There is no issue with smaller toys that can be taken inside your property/shed when the children have finished playing.) Our insurers and solicitors have advised that these items must be removed from communal gardens due to the potential for claims in the event of injury to residents and non-residents.

Household refuse must be put inside the communal bins provided, not left outside flats or bin stores or elsewhere on the estate.

We would also ask that you ensure that main entrance doors are securely closed when entering or leaving your building. Please do not allow anyone to access the building who is not known to you or pass a secure entry code to any visitors or non-residents.

Thank you for your co-operation.