Renting a garage

Anyone can apply to rent a garage but priority is given to Aragon tenants

Garage rent costs

Aragon have a number of garages available to let throughout the Bedfordshire area at competitive rates.

£10.25 per week for Aragon tenants

£12.30 per week for non Aragon tenants.

Anyone can apply to rent a garage but priority is given to Aragon tenants, as long as all their Aragon accounts are paid up to date.

Please note some areas may have a waiting list, so if you would like to know further information about a particular garage or location please contact

Garages are for the garaging of a vehicle and should not be used as a store, workshop or for business purposes.

Apply for a Garage online

Ending Your Garage Tenancy

If you would like to give up your garage you will need to give us seven days’ notice.

To do this you will need to use the Termination of garage tenancy form.

Garages Policy

PDF DocumentGarage Tenancy Agreement-SAMPLE

This is a sample copy of the garage tenancy agreement you will be required to sign when keys are exchanged.

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