making your own improvements

Making my own improvements

If you wish to carry out improvements, alterations or additions to your home you must obtain our written permission before you start any work.

To do this please complete the request form at the bottom of this page providing full details of the work you intend to carry out, including drawings where appropriate.  

Examples of improvements, alterations or additions do you need to notify us of.

  • installing a satellite dish
  • erecting a television aerial
  • installing cable TV
  • erecting a garden shed
  • erecting a greenhouse
  • adding or upgrading fencing
  • adding or extending to the property in any way, this includes lean-tos and conservatories
  • fitting wood, wood-effect or laminate flooring
  • tiled, vinyl or sheet flooring

Will we refuse permission?

We will not unreasonably withhold permission.  When we give permission it will be conditional on the work being carried out to a certain standard and you carrying out the work at your own expense.  You will also have to carry out any future maintenance of the improvement at your own expense.

You may need to obtain other approvals before you start the work, for example some work requires building regulation approval or planning permission.  Some work can only be carried out by a competent and registered person, for example gas or electrical work.

Flooring request and responsibilities

We have no objection to you fitting wood, wood-effect or laminate flooring in your home provided it is laid onto appropriate insulation layer.  This also applies to tiled or sheet floor coverings.

You will need our written permission before fitting the flooring and you will need to comply with any conditions that form part of the permission.

Please note it may be necessary for your flooring to be removed for maintenance purposes, for example to access concealed pipe work or electric cables.  In these instances, it is your responsibility to remove and reinstate the flooring.  We will not be responsible or liable for costs associated with removing, re-laying, repairing or making good the flooring.  For this reason, we suggest you fit wood or wood-effect flooring that is clipped together rather than glued.

Floor coverings, other than carpets, are not usually covered by household contents insurance.  If you have laid flooring in your home, we advise you to check with your insurer to find out whether the risks of its loss or damage are insured.

If you move from the property, you should remove the flooring and reinstate the floor to its original condition.

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