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We try and answer the most frequently asked rent related questions.

Payment free weeks 2018/19

This year’s final ‘payment free’ week started on 1 January. Please be aware that Aragon’s rent free weeks are changing as of 1 April 2018.
The rent free weeks will be week commencing 2 April, 24 December, 31 December 2018 and 25 March 2019.

However, if your account is in arrears or there is a court order in place when any of these weeks occur, you must continue to make payments in order to reduce the arrears. If you pay monthly by Direct Debit the annual rent will be split over 12 monthly payments.

Please remember your tenancy agreement requires you to pay rent in advance.

How your rent is calculated

Every year your rent change is calculated based on Government guidelines and these vary for each type of rental product.

This year the Government has set these as follows:

Social Rent = the current rent minus 1%

Affordable Rent = the current rent minus 1%

Supported Rent (including sheltered) = the current rent plus 0.90% (based on September 2015 Consumer Price Index (CPI) +1%)

Shared Ownership = in line with the lease plus 1.30% (based on September 2015 Retail Prices Index (RPI) + 0.5%)

When is the rent reviewed?

Rent charges are calculated based on Government guidelines annually. You are informed of the changes in rent by the end of February each year to allow 28 days’ notice of the change of payment. The new payment amount will then start from the beginning of April.

I'm on Housing Benefit how much will my rent be?

If you are on Housing Benefit, you will also receive a letter from your local authority stating how much Housing Benefit you will receive from April 2016. This letter may arrive after the letter from Aragon.

Once you have received both letters you will be able to work out if there is a difference in your rent and Housing Benefit. If there is a difference this will be your rent to to be paid from 1st April 2016.

I have a question about my Housing Benefit: who do I contact?

If you have a question about Housing Benefit, you will need to speak with your local authority. If you are unsure of the contact details you can search for them on the website.

I am on Universal Credit, how much will my rent be?

If you are on Universal Credit, you will be responsible for paying your own rent unless an Alternative Payment Arrangement has been agreed by the DWP. For more information, visit our Universal Credit page.

I am having difficulty paying my rent what can I do?

Please contact our Customer Service Team who may be able to offer some help or advice and refer you to our Welfare Team who provide free support with claiming benefits, managing money and managing your tenancy.

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I pay by Standing Order do I have to do anything when the new rent amount its published?

If you pay by standing order and your rent amount is changing you will have to amend your payment.

If you do not amend your payment this could mean you are over paying your rent, or going into arrears if your rent has gone up.

I pay by Direct Debit do I have to do anything when the new rent amount is published?

If you pay by direct debit and your rent payment is changing you will receive a letter from us to inform you of the new direct debit amount. This letter is for information only and you do not need to make any changes to your payments, it will be done automatically.

How can I see my rent statement, and make payments?

You can register for our online My Place Portal system, which allows you to see your rent statement online, pay your rent online, view the status of repairs and request a repair.

I have a question about my rent that has not been answered here

If you have a question regarding your rent amount, or making a rent payment you can contact our Customer Service team. Please be aware they will not be able to answer Housing Benefit questions.


Rent In Advance

Rent must be paid in advance in accordance with your tenancy agreement or lease.  This means your rent account must not be in arrears between payments regardless of how you pay e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

This still applies if you are in receipt of housing related benefits such as Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

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