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 When will I first meet my Housing Officer?

You will meet a Housing Officer when you are a prospective new tenant and have been invited to view your property. At that time they will also explain about the services provided and advise you about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

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What does my Housing Officer do?

The Housing Officer provides a range of services for tenants, shared owners and leaseholders including:

  • Visiting new tenants at the start and throughout   their tenancy where appropriate.
  • Investigating complaints about anti-social behaviour,  offering guidance, and in some cases taking appropriate action.  Find out more about our approach to tackling anti-social behaviour.
  • Investigating complaints about tenancy fraud. For example, when a tenant moves out of their house and then takes on tenants of their own to live at the property, this is often called sub-letting the whole of the property.
  • Contacting tenants who are behind with their rent and taking appropriate action.  They can offer advice if you are having difficulties paying your rent.  They can make an agreement for you to make regular payments to clear your arrears.  They can also make a referral to our Free Money Advice Service.

What can I contact my Housing Officer for?

  • Our Customer Services Team on 0300 123 5544 can answer most queries, however they may ask your Housing Officer to help with certain matters for example if you have a complaint about anti-social behaviour issues. Please note that Housing Officers spend the majority of their time out of the office working within the community and any non-urgent contact will be returned within 2 working days.

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